After his engineer graduation form the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and a year of specialisation in Chemical Engineering at MIT (1964 USA), Guy Le Péchon, works within Rhône-Poulenc R & D, and later on chemical plants projects.

After an MBA at INSEAD, he becomes the co-director, and then the CIO of the Société des Usines Chimiques Rhone-Poulenc (15 000 persons, 5 plants) et later the Director of the information systems applications development (100 personnes) of Rhone-Poulenc Industries (25 000 persons).

After 1977, he is appointed at various operational director positions within Rhone-Poulenc Group affiliates, in Germany and then in France, in particular as the CEO of a new technologies company within the medical area .

After 1982 , he becomes internal consultant , in charge of strategy and planning of Rhône-Poulenc information systems for large units, including USA.

From 1991 to the end of 1996, he his Director of information systems and telecommunications Coordination of this same international group. During this period, he leads one of the most important outsourcing operation performed by French companies.

Since 1997, he is Partner/Consultant of CIS. Outsourcing operation specialist. He represented the CIGREF and AFNOR to elaborate two European standards on Facility Management